Two tiers of membership.

One powerful community.


2045 leaders membership

Includes access to Council Groups, which are led by professional executive coaches, and additional 2045 Leaders Programming, plus all the benefits of Community Membership.

2045 Leaders must be sponsored by their employers.

Access Only

Community membership

Includes access to the 2045 Network, our Clubhouse in NYC, exclusive members-only programming, and more.

Community Member programming includes weekly Fireside Chats and curated networking opportunities.

Elevate your network

Our network is home to the most exceptional professionals of color in their fields. Spark new connections in a carefully curated community of powerful and promising peers.

level up your career

Accelerate your professional pursuits through exclusive access to peer-to-peer support, expert coaching, and an ever-expanding knowledge bank of leadership resources.

Power your legacy

Round out your professional growth by attending masterclasses and workshops to explore top of mind questions and topics that matter most to you.

Grow through community

Experience the joys of connecting with fellow leaders who understand what it’s like to navigate life and work. Form enduring relationships with people who get it without any extra context.

welcome home

Enjoy access to our exclusive, members-only clubhouse in New York City. Members can work remotely, book meeting rooms, grab a drink, or attend one of our in-house events.